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Our Vision

Our vision is that our school provides a safe, happy, healthy and motivating learning environment. Pupils feel nurtured, included and valued. They acquire a range of skills and knowledge to enable them to fulfil their full potential.

Our Aims

  • To foster respect for self and others
  • To provide opportunities to develop creativity and personal choice
  • To promote literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing within the school community
  • To ensure pupils’ entitlement to opportunities for developing skills for learning, life and work
  • To be aware of, and actively involved in addressing, issues which impact on a local, national and global level
  • To encourage educational progress for all and celebrate the achievements of all learners
  • To develop independent, responsible citizens of the future
  • To welcome parental involvement and community links with the school

In our school we are committed to providing appropriate opportunities for the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural values through both the ethos and the curriculum. This will be undertaken in partnership with parents and will take account of the individual needs of pupils and the views of parents.

Our school welcomes and encourages diversity and individuality, while emphasizing our common commitment to moral values such as honesty, respect for others, compassion and justice. Fundamental principles of our school are that all who are involved in the life of our school have the right to be respected as individuals and carry the responsibility to act in a considerate and respectful manner towards others. We are firmly committed to the elimination of any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or disability.