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Primary 3

Primary 3 Parent Bulletin - Term 4

Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure your child comes dressed in appropriate PE kit on both days and brings warm clothes for outdoor PE.

Table of Contents



Comprehension activities, Library (Fiction and non-fiction), Reading books-improving strategies of predication, clarification and questioning as well as fluency, accuracy, expression and understanding. 

Literacy Box


Encourage enjoyment of reading at home, reading regularly if possible. Visit the local library.


Weekly spelling patterns and Tricky Words.

Support your child with their weekly spelling challenge.


Grammar-Focus using the correct punctuation, interesting openers to start sentences, joining sentences with suitable connectives, using adjectives to add colour and using the correct tense.

Dictionary activities.


Writing tasks within our Talk4Writing/Seasonal and IDL topics with the main emphasis on Non Fiction Writing.


Encourage your child to write stories/poems at home.

Listening and Talking

Picture News Current Affairs/Newsround

Listening and Talking activities-Listen Think & Do.


Individual talks

Reciprocal Reading


Numeracy and Maths

Problem Solving, Number Talks (cont.), Addition/Subtraction of HTU with carrying, Multiplication and Division, 2D and 3D shape, Information Handling, Fractions, Chance and Uncertainty, Angles, Equations

Support your child with their weekly maths homeworkFind 2D and 3D shapes at home/in the garden/in your street. Create a survey/make a graph of different birds in your garden/coloured cars passing your house/favourite music/favourite TV programmes etc. Find right angles in your kitchen. Practise fractions and times tables when dividing your pizza, a cake etc.




The Daily Mile

Virtual Games




Keep active by enjoying a walk with family members and friends.


P.E. lessons are on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Daily Mile is covered on these days and also on a Monday. Please encourage your child to wear trainers and joggers on these days if possible.

Health and Wellbeing

Roots of Empathy



Discuss how we communicate with one another, the importance of sleep and keeping safe.

I.D.L. Topic

Continue Campbeltown through the Ages

Houses & Transport-a comparative study

Share any knowledge you have with your child. Find out about something you are interested in and make a booklet to show others. You could draw pictures, take photographs and then describe what you have found out. Ask older family members about their experiences growing up.

e.g. What toys did they play with? What hobbies did they have? What was school like? What was transport like in the past? Can they describe their home?

Religious and Moral Education

Churches in the Community

Modern Languages

French – Food/Introducing members of your family, talking about your pet, saying what job you have in the class, the alphabet.

Watch French YouTube videos and sing along.

Science/ Technology

Topical Science/Vibrations and Sound

Building windmills

Ask your child to tell you or show you some of the experiments from school.

Expressive Arts

Art – Solving Design Problems

Music – Responding to music

Encourage your child to express themselves through painting, drawing and making music.