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Primary 1

Primary 1 Parent Bulletin - Term 3

Our PE days are Monday (gym hall) and Wednesday (outdoors).  Please ensure your child comes dressed in appropriate PE kit on both days and brings warm clothes for outdoor PE.

Table of Contents



We will develop our understanding of texts by listening to and discussing stories.  Your child will take home one/two reading books a week. We will be extending our phonetic skills to blend sounds to read words and phrases.

Help your child learn their key words and spend time discussing reading books together.

Ensure your child takes their reading book and word tin to school every day.


Initial sounds – reinforcement and correct letter formation.

Primary 1 Blends

Encourage and support your child when completing any phonics homework at home.  Tasks and activities will be posted in Google Classroom.


Foundations of Writing, Talk for Writing, Writing Sentences

Imaginative writing linked to topics

Encourage your child to use a correct pencil grip when drawing or writing at home and encourage him/her to use correct letter formation.

Numeracy and Maths

We will continue to practise correct number formation, ordering, counting and subitising.  We will reinforce addition and introduce subtraction this term.  For topic maths we will focus on information handling, Time and Angles, Symmetry and Transformation.

Any practice is beneficial but should always be fun.  Use apps and games to reinforce number skills and knowledge.

Health and Wellbeing

PE – BMT, Ball Skills, Team Games

HWB – Road Safety, Healthy Choices

Our PE days are Monday (gym hall) and Wednesday (outdoors).  Please ensure you child comes dressed in appropriate PE kit on both days and bring warm clothes for outdoor PE.

I.D.L. Topic

Mini Scotland Topic – Literacy, Social Studies, Exp. Arts

We will be learning about Scots Language and Scottish culture and traditions.

Castles – Social Studies, Literacy

We will be using the storyline approach to promote literacy skills development, learn about castles and encourage imaginative writing.

If you have any topical books etc at home to support our learning please send them in with your child or make use of Google Classroom to share photographs or films – we would love to see them. 

Religious and Moral Education

Welcoming a Baby, Easter, The Lost Sheep



Expressive Arts

Drawing, Painting