Social Studies, Sciences and Technologies

In Social Studies pupils learn about:- people, past events and societies (history); people, place and environment (geography) and people in society, economy and business (modern studies).


In Sciences pupils learn about:- Planet Earth; forces, electricity and waves; biological systems; materials and topical science.


In Technologies pupils learn about:- technological developments in society, information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance learning; business; computing science; food and textiles and craft, design, engineering and graphics.


In the curriculum areas of Social Studies, Sciences and Technologies, emphasis is placed on the acquisition of knowledge, on the teaching of concepts that clarify and develop pupils’ understanding of the environment, on the development of skills that help them study the environment and on the cultivation of positive attitudes towards the environment. An effort is made to raise pupils’ awareness of the impact of technology on their lives and on the modern world in general. Much of the work is based on practical activity and classes are sometimes taken out of school for field studies and excursions.