Standards and Quality/Improvement Plan

Each year, schools are asked to draw up a Standards and Quality Report reflecting on their previous year, and an Improvement Plan detailing plans for the curriculum and life of the school for the coming year(s). This document is available on request for anyone who wishes to read it. Please find attached a statement of our vision, aims and priorities for sessions 2014-16. Should you wish to comment on these please do not hesitate to contact me.

Learning Journeys and Parent Information Sheets

As you are aware, the school and home work together on target setting for pupils through the use of Learning Journeys. These also detail pupils’ wider achievements. In addition to these, each class sends home a Parent Termly Information Sheet which details curricular activities to be undertaken each term.  Please ensure you return you child’s Learning Journey as soon as possible as they will be issued on the last Friday of every month to keep you informed of progress. If you feel you are able to assist with any curricular aspects detailed in the Information Sheet or you have any ideas on content, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Class Teacher with your ideas/offers of help.


Last session we changed the format of homework so that there was an agreed whole school approach to what homework tasks should be given and when they should be returned by. Class Teachers will issue homework in Maths, Language and, on occasions, other curricular areas on Mondays to be returned on Thursdays. Weekly Reading Challenges will be issued on a set day each week. If research projects are to be undertaken then pupils will be given plenty time to undertake them. Should you have any issues with homework then please do not hesitate to discuss them with your son/daughter’s Class Teacher. We do monitor homework returns and should there be a pattern of non-completion then a letter will be issued to you and a meeting arranged to discuss any concerns. To allow pupils and teachers to settle in to their new classes, homework will not begin across the whole school until week beginning Monday 25th August.

Parent Helpers

We welcome Parent Helpers in our school to assist with many curricular activities and excursions. Should you have time available that you would be willing to assist in any class on any basis, please complete and return the attached form. Class Teachers may then contact you should they be able to use your skills and time. All help is much appreciated.


Safety Arrangements

Parents are reminded to park well away from the yellow zigzag lines outside the school and to wait either in the playground or in the parents’ shelter when leaving or picking children up from school. This reduces the risk of accident on a crowded pavement or busy bus bay. Also, parents and pupils are reminded to use only the main pedestrian gate into the school and not the vehicle gate and not to allow pupils to walk along or climb on to the school railings. Cyclists in P6 and P7 should use the small gate beside the vehicle entrance and then walk with care through the car park to the cycle sheds. Finally, at lunchtime, only pupils who are going home for lunch are permitted to leave the school grounds, unless a note from parents is provided stating otherwise. Parents are reminded to notify the school if their child will not be returning after lunch. Thank you for your help in keeping our children safe.

Football Colours

Parents are reminded that pupils are not allowed to wear football colours or display such colours in any way (bags, pencil cases etc). This is Argyll and Bute Council policy therefore please help us to implement it.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. I look forward to sharing further information and achievements with you throughout the session.


Caroline A Armour
Head Teacher